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Deer Valley YMCA challenged Outis Brand Development to increase attendance for their Fall and Winter programming by 7% in 3 months. 


First, we conducted research on Deer Valley and the market that it operates in. Adjustments were then made to program offerings to better reflect Deer Valley's core competencies. Beginning our campaign with an emphasis on social media, we released the "Deer Valley First Hand" video.


Two focuses of the YMCA's mission are encouraging healthy living and bettering the community. In this spirit, we got our client involved in the community by participating in Relay for Life and partnering with several local businesses. Deer Valley's efforts quickly became the subject of multiple local news outlets.


Lastly, we utilized print and email channels to inform current Deer Valley campers of the exciting programs being offered. 

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In only 3 months, Outis increased Deer Valley's Fall and Winter program enrollment by 22%, eclipsing our client's goal of 7%. This level of growth translated to a 4.7x return on investment. 

As beneficial as the boost in sales was, the real benefit to Deer Valley was the lasting relationship built with members of the community. These partnerships will help Deer Valley fulfill their mission and chase their passion well into the future. 

"The success of our grassroots campaign was incredible. Outis' marketing team has a passion for progress and our social media community doubled in size and engagement faster than we thought possible. Outis surpassed our expectation on budget, fortified our brand, and delivered a phenomenal return."

David Riether

Executive Director, Deer Valley YMCA

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